For any travelers wishing to enter Uganda has to possess a valid visa card in order to be allowed to enter the country. The Ugandan visas are issued at the Uganda High Commissions and Embassies abroad and also at all Entry/Exist points. So all nations that require to have visas are consequently visa prone in Uganda, Uganda also issues the east African borderless visa which allows movement in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda unlike the Uganda visa that can only be used for travel in Uganda. Single entry for 3 months US$50, multiple entry visa for 6-12months US$100- Multiple visa 24-36month US$100 students (entry Visa for students who are not nationals of east African cooperation) usd100, transit. eat African tourist Visa (three month multiple entry for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) usd100, residents of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda travelling to any of the three countries can now enter the alternative partner state without paying for visas. Nationals of the following countries can enter Uganda without visa including Swaziland Eritrea, Angola, Antigua, Barbados, and Grenada. Lesotho, Belize, Jamaica, Malta, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Madagascar, Seychelles and Burundi

Check list

All travelers to Uganda are required to strictly confirm with the following requirements

  • You must be in possession of a valid passport issued and recognized by your government
  • You must have an international immunization certificate against yellow fever. Visa information for Rwanda nationals from Uganda, Germany and USA do not require visas to travel to Rwanda