Uganda has a very strong and rich culture tradition, it is gifted with very many groups of people and this is evidenced by the existence of over 50 different languages belonging to five different linguistic groups some of these languages bear some similarities while others are completely different and unique in their way of life, people have an equally diverse cultural variety of music, art and handicraft. The central of the country is dominated largely the Bantu group majorly the Baganda mainly known for their strong kingship in Uganda. The head of the state is locally known as the ‘’Kabaka’’, the Baganda counts to about fifth of the population and they speak Luganda. Other Bantu speaking groups include the Banyakole who speaks Lunyankole as their official language, the Bakiga speaks Lukiga, Batoro speaks Lutoro these live mainly in the western region of Uganda and the Basoga speaks Lusoga this Bantu speaking group manly found in the eastern side of Uganda. To the East and North lives the groups of Nilotic origin include the Iteso, Karamajong, Acholi and Langi and they are largely organized along chiefdoms. Each tribe has its own traditional dance such as the Imbalu for Bagishu dance during circumcision ceremonies, Kitaguriro for the Banyakole, the Alur people from the west Nile have the Agwal dance, the Banyoro have their Runyege and Acholi have the Bwila and Otale dance.


English and Swahili are the country’s official languages; Swahili is a useful communication link with the country’s Eastern neighbors of Kenya and Tanzania, where it’s widely spoken especially when transacting business.


Estimates of 2014 put Uganda’s population at 35,873,258

Uganda Public holidays

Uganda has special days which are honored by everyone and they are celebrated each year these include even if you are a visit if one of these days gets you in the country you are free to celebrate with the nationals;

January 1st New Year’s Day

January 26 NRM Day

March 8th Women’s Day

May 1st Labour Day

June 3rd Martyrs Day

June 9th Heroes Day

October 9th Independence Day

December 25 Christmas Day

December 26 Boxing Day

Good Friday, Ester Sunday and Monday are variable and are celebrated each year and are consider public holiday.