Uganda has a pleasant warm and tropical climate with insignificant seasonal variations, making it good to visit all year round. Its average temperature is around 25.5oC or 7I o F, dropping to a minimum of 12oC or 54 o F at night time with altitude also affecting this. The rainfall ranges between 1,000 and 2,000 millimeters and the average humidity is 70%-100% each year. Uganda has two seasons, the dry season and wet seasons. The dry season is good for gorilla tracking the most premier activity done in Uganda December and February and from June to September are the best months to track gorillas, The dry seasons are also good for wildlife viewing since thirsty draw most of the games to the drinking point making viewing of these animals very superb. The roads are passable making it easier travel around even in the remote areas where most of the activities are found.

Wet season that’s from March –May and October to November, on the other hand are also good because this is when the country’s scenery is ever green and good also for tracking chimpanzee. Birding is fantastic all year round but is at its peak between November and April when migrant species are present.


About 34% of the country is covered in wetlands with an intense of Lakes, River and Swamps. Uganda is blessed with fertile soils good for cultivating. It has Lake Victoria which is the 2nd largest fresh water Lake in the world; Lake Albert and also the source of the Nile all these places offers superb moment for refreshment on the shores of the lakes and beaches around.