Murchison falls National Park is Uganda’s top largest park covering areas of about2, 840 square kilometers. It lies at the northern end of Albertine Rift Valleys were the sweeping of Bunyoro escarpment tumbles into the palm-dotted savannah. Murchison fall national park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1926 making it Uganda’s oldest conservation area. The park is by the Victoria Nile which Plunges 45m mover the rift valley wall, creating the dramatic Murchison falls, the focus of the park and the final event in an 80km stretch of rapids. At Murchison falls, the Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the Devil’s Cauldron’’, creating trademark rainbow.

Murchison Falls National Park

The park is a God gifted national park because it houses a wide biodiversity of wildlife ranging from the big five mammals to small mammals over 76 species of mammals are recorded at the park, the park is also a home to over 45 species of birds many of which are found only in this park. Murchison falls National Park can be reached in just 6-7 hours’ drive via Masindi town from Kampala Uganda’s capital and its largest city. Along the way to Masindi is the Ziwa rhino sanctuary, a home to the only wild rhinos in Uganda black and white rhinos. Don’t miss this chance to track them on foot in a close distance as a way of supporting this important initiative to reintroduce rhinos to protect areas, rhiona tracking costs usd40 per person. From Masindi it takes about 130kms to the parks Bugungu gate. The drive involve passing through Budongo forest  and a protected area for chimpanzee tracking and then a memorable descent of the rift valley escarpment with views a cross lake Albert towards the mountain of the Congo. Another alternative route is to pass through the northern gates via the Chobe, Mubako and Tangi gates north of the Nile. They can be reached from kamala –Packwach road which crosses the Nile from Karuma Falls Bridge in the northern corner of the park about 260 km from Uganda’s capital Kampala. The park can also be accessed by air chartered aircraft from Entebbe international airport Kajjansi near Kampala to Pakuba, in the north, Chobe Airfield to the east and Bugungu near Murchison falls to the south.What to do at the park

Game drive

This is the most fascinating activities done at the park, the park host a wide range of animal species some of them are not found in other Uganda national parks. Game drives are so rewording around the Buligi game tracks on the northern bank with a trained ranger guide well experienced in giving relative information about any mammal found on the way. Watch and take as many photos as you can. Animals found at the park include, giraffe, elephant, lion, elephant, various species of antelopes, warthogs, hippos just to mention but a few.

Hippos at Murchison falls

Launch trips

The launch cruise is a 2-4 hours’ drive on the Nile River, it provide fascinating views of many wildlife including schools of hippo, crocodiles, buffaloes and many bird species that live and feed on the river Nile, also and culminates with the memorable frontal view of the falls. The launch cruise also offers the classic view of an equatorial subset reflected on the river.

Boat Cruise at Murchison falls


This is an interesting activity done at the park, both during the game drive and launch cruise offers an opportunity for one to come across several species of birds including savannah forest birds, water birds, and Albertine Rift endemic. And the main attraction bird at the park is the shoebill best sighted in the dry season majorly January- March, so bird lovers don’t miss visiting Murchison Falls national park

Sport fishing

Those interested in fishing Murchison falls national park is the best place to go, the banks of the Nile below Murchison falls provide exciting challenges to anglers. Those interested in the activity are reminded to come with their fishing equipments or they can hire them at the park headquarters. Living with strong current and highly oxygenated waters is the Nile perch, others type of fish that can be caught include the mud fish.

Cultural encounter

Those interested in knowing more about the African way of life, Murchison falls N.P offers this opportunity. Energetic dancers from Mubako perform around lodge campfires making hence enjoying magical experience at the park. Boomu women’s group offers accommodation, a craft shop and village tours revealing the realities of life in this community.

Hiking and nature walks

The park also provides an opportunity to walk the park on foot. Trail through Kaniyo pabidi and Rabongo forests these trails provide opportunity of sighting of primate species like baboons, black and white monkey, civet monkey, grey checked mangbay, and bird species. Walk around the Nile Delta, 2-4 hour guided swamp offers shoebill sighting a rare bird species.

Hiking at murchison falls

Chimpanzee tracking:

Chimp tracking is among the most interesting safari activities done at the park; chimps are the closest relative of man sharing almost 98%of human DNA make up. They are so fabulous fun to watch when playing in fruitful tress or tree blanches. Chimp tracking is done in the Budongo forest few kilometers from the park and it starts either in the morning at 8:00am or in the evening at 3:00am after receiving a short briefing from the park wardens about chimp tracking , you will begin the search for them. Ounce chimps are met you only allowed staying with them for only one hour observing their behaviors as well as taking as many photos as you can( flash cameras are not allowed). The forest is a home to other primate species like the black and white colobus monkey, baboons, red tailed monkey, civet monkeys among others.

Top of the falls

Top of murchison falls

The top of the fall is amazing as the falls is where the Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the Devil’s Cauldron’’, creating trademark rainbow. This place is good for photography and spotting various species of birds.

Accommodation with in and around the park

Luxury accommodation

Paraa Safari Lodge is located within the heart of Murchison Falls National Park, on the banks of the mighty River Nile; it is a luxury lodge offering the best accommodation facilities at the park, relaxation and adventure. It has a large swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, en-suite bathrooms and balconies on all rooms

Chobe safari lodge: This another accommodation facility within Murchison falls national park and it’s a five star lodge. The lodge has overwhelming panoramic views, coupled with the sounds of the River Nile's splendid rapids.

Pakuba game lodge is situated in the North West of Uganda on the Eastern Bank of the Albert Nile. It offers well furnished rooms comfortable for visitors; it offers a wide range of activity from game drives to trekking up to the top of the falls

Nile safari lodge, this luxurious type of accommodation is located within the park just about 10 kms from the ferry that crosses the Nile to the northern side of the park where most of the wildlife viewing is done, it offers a wide range of activities including game drives, boat cruise, hiking at the top of the falls. It offers spectacular views of the Nile with good comfortable rooms with a veranda inside each room

Mid -range type of accommodation

Sambiya River Lodge, this midrange type of accommodation is located within Murchison falls national park in a drive of just about 10kms from the top of the falls. The lodge offers superb views of the dramatic waterfalls of the Nile River which plunge 45 meters through a narrow 6-metre canyon of boulders. The surrounding area to the lodge is known for viewing numerous species of bird life

Bwana Tembo Safari; this type of accommodation is located within the park on the northern border offering the midrange type of accommodation. It has 4 bandas and 4 spacious tents on wooden platforms with thatch roofs, all of them self-contained. Reaching the northern park entrance where most of the park activities are carried out is just a drive of about 10 minutes

Red chill:  this is a budget campsite type of accommodation located within the park, on the south-bank of the River just about 500 metres from the Paraa ferry crossing, to the northern part of the park for game drives. The campsite offers the best views to the Nile River, it’s recommended to the budget traveller.

Budongo eco lodge: it is located inside the budongo tropical forest in Murchison falls national park. The lodge provides comfortable accommodation and a wide range of activities in the midst of the wonderful natural beauty of the rainforest, including chimpanzee tracking and habituation, nature walks, bird watching among other activities

Fort Murchison lodge, it serves both mid-range and budge travellers to Murchison falls national park. This lodge is located along the Eastern banks of Albert Nile, where you enter the park at the Tangi where even the drive across a Borassus Palm Tree. The lodge provides better view to see various species of wildlife even before you reach the traditional wildlife game tracks