Mountain Elgon national park is located in the eastern part of Kampala Uganda’s capital and its largest city about 235km through Jinja Mbale Town at the western base of mount Elgon before climbing to Kapchorwa on the mountain’s north-western flank. Mountain Elgon national park covers an area of about 400km2 and it’s known to be having the largest volcanic base in the world and is a huge solitary volcanic mountain on the border of eastern Uganda and western Kenya. For hikers this is a best place to go as it doesn’t need a lot of experience to climb, it needs some physical fitness to climb mountain Elgon. Its mountainous regional landscape and cool heights offer breathing space for humans from the hot plains below and its higher altitude provide refuge for a wide range of flora and fauna. Not only hiking activities but Mountain Elgon national park is a home to over 300 species of birds including the endangered Lammergeyer –only found in this park, the park is also a home to 45 species of mammals including various species of antelopes, elephant, buffaloes, warthogs, and primate species like forest monkeys also live on the mountain side. Very many activities can be done within and outside the park to mention some of the activities that can be done at the park include;

Mountain Elgon national park
Mountain Elgon

Mountain climbing

This is the most done activities carried out at Mountain Elgon national park, many travellers find it more interesting to climb this mountain than many climbs in East Africa and climbing on this mountain doesn’t require special equipment or technical experience. Hiking may last from 1-8 days depending on which hike you desire to take and while ascending or descending you will meet very many flora and fauna on the way, and hiking is guided by experienced guides who are passionate in the field.

Mountain Elgon national park
Mountain climbing at Mountain Elgon

Mountain hiking

This is another interesting activity done at Mountain Elgon national park and it takes place from Sipi trading centre to Chema hill in Kapchorwa town. This activity provide an opportunity to view various species of waterfalls and many flora and fauna and they normally last from 1.5 hours

Mountain Elgon national park
Mountain Hiking


For birders mountain Elgon also a good sighting area most especially around Kapkwai forest exploration centre, and around the thick shrub along the sloop trail to Cheptui. Various species of birds that can be seen include the African Goshawk, white chinned Prinia and African blu Flycatcher among other. They’re very many kin bird guides at the park that will take you through the forest to view various species of birds they are experienced and passionate in the field.

Mountain Elgon national park
Birds at Mountain Elgon

Nature walks

Nature walks is also exciting at the park, exploring the park on foot is so breathtaking. Nature walks provide an opportunity to view the Sipi falls, the wall of Death African sunrise across the Karamoja plains on those peaceful walk just outside Mt Elgon National park, nature walks also gives chance to view various species of parks and animals like buffaloes.

Sport fishing; for those interested in fishing mountain Elgon provides this chance mostly at the three waterfalls at sipi.

Cultural encounters:

If you’re interested in learning more about the African way of life and culture, this part of the eastern Uganda offers this opportunity. The local people will take you through where your coffee comes from, grown on the mountain side of Mt Elgon is the Arabic coffee. They will explain to you how they have managed to live in the area around the park.

 Where to stay;

Lacam Lodge, Sasa River Camp, Sipi River Lodge, Mbale Resort Hotel, Mt. Elgon Hotel, Wash and Wills Country Home, Suam Guest House, Savanna Guesthouse

Mountain Elgon national park
Semliki safari lodge