Kidepo valley national park is regarded one of the less visited national parks yet gifted with very many unique wonders, very superb and virgin waiting to be discovered. The park is located in one of the dry and hot area of Uganda. It covers an area of about 1442 km2. Kidepo valley national park is located in the far northern part of Uganda and boarders Sudan in the North-West and Kenya in the north-East. Reaching the park can take almost one day so if you’re travelling by road you are advised to include one extra day, there are three alternative routes that can be used to reach the park, one start from Kampala Uganda’s capital, via Lira, Kotido, Kaabongo and  then to Kidepo this is about 705km Journey.

Kidepo Valley National Park
Kidepo Valley National Park

The other alternative route is from Kampala via Mbale, Soroti,Mantany, Kotido,Kaabongo and on to Kidepo, this is about 780 kms. The 3rd alternative route is the 740 kms from Kampala, via Mbale, Soroti, Moroto, Kotido, Kaabong and then to Kidepo, 4WD vehicle are recommended. You can also use air transport to reach the park; Chartered Aircraft to kidepo can be arranged from either Kajansi or from Entebbe international airport to Lemel airstrip near the Kidepo valley headquarters, flights takes only about 2 hours to the park, then from here you get picked up by your booked company to your accommodation. Kidepo valley national park is well known by its distinctive composition of wild game co-existing with the dry mountain forests, open savannah and hilltops capped by the rock Kopjes. The park hosts over 77 mammal species includes 28 that are found in no other Ugandan National park including the Bat-eared Fox, Carcal, Cheetah and Klipspringer other mammal species found at the park include predators like leopard, lion, spotted Hyena.  Elephant, Common Zebra, Buffalo, Bohor Reedbuck, Waterbuck and Kongoni are frequently seen at the park. The park is also home to almost 500 bird species including the White-crested Turaco, White-bellied Go-away bird, White-faced Scoops Owl, Long-tailed and Standard-winged Nightjars, Little Green Bee-eater the list is endless. Game viewing is exciting all year round and so is bird watching, foot safaris and mountain climbing.

Kidepo Valley National Park Lions Kidepo Valley National Park Lions

What to do at the park

Game drives

This is the most interesting activity done at the park, as the park is blessed with over 77 species of mammals some of which cannot be seen elsewhere. Games can best be seen in the Narus valley as the parks wildlife congregates here much of the year, even the Katurum Kopie provides superb views north across the valley towards Morunngole mountain range, games that can be seen during the game drives include elephants, giraffe, zebra, Bohor Reedbuck, Waterbuck and Kongoni, lion, cheetah among others. A 4WD tourist vehicle is used on a game drive and the guides are always available to guide you and also to give relative information on any species you find on the way during the game drive

Game drive at Kidepo Valley National Park
Game drive at Kidepo National Park

Nature walks

Nature walks can also be arranged at any time of the day done mostly around the Apoka camp and visitors will be able to view different species of animals in a close range of about 50-70 meters, animals to see may include elephants, zebras, and reed bucks, bird species can also be seen during the nature walk this is done together with a guide.

Nature walks at Kidepo Valley National Park
Nature walks at Kidepo National Park

Community walks

For those interested in learning more about the African people, Kidepo valley national park offers this activity, know more about the karamojang lifestyle, culture dressing style, dancing and also learn how they have managed to live in the area. The karamojong are traditional cattle raiders and hunters so learning more about the tools they use is so interesting.

Kidepo Valley National Park Neighbors
People found around Kidepo National Park

Bird watching

This is a great opportunity most especially to bird lovers as the park is said to host over 500 species of birds, bird watching can be done either in the morning or evening depending on the time availability and travellers interest, the park has experienced ranger guide who are kin watchers so you are reminded to come with a first class camera good at taking photos.

Mountain hiking

Hiking at Murungole Mountain is a very exciting experience the highest peak in Kidepo mountain hiking doesn’t require a lot of experience it can be done by everyone who is physically fit. The murungole ranges rise from the plains a few kilometres north of Apoka.

Sand along river kidepo

Along river Kidepo is an intermittent sand river found in the northern part of the park. This place is so interesting; it has very many Borassus palms making it look like an oasis in the Sahara. This place is rewarding during the dry season, there very many bird species around the place so you will be enjoying the wilderness as well as listening to the different bird calls

Accommodation within and around the park

Apoka Lodge